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No more dues skimming…for now

The U.S. government ruled this month that home caregivers don’t have to have their Medicaid subsidies automatically “skimmed” to pay union dues. Big unions like SEIU, of course, are fighting families over the ruling.

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SEIU 668: The Purple People-Eater

Cisco Molina spent 12 years helping abused kids and serving SEIU 668, but the union chewed up the social services worker and shoved him out of his job for challenging leadership.    

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“Don’t walk away from me, young man!”

William H. Neely III wanted to resign from his union, AFSCME Council 13, after 15 years. But the psychiatric aide was in for some mind games: the union won’t let him out unless he resigns only in 2019. In late October, he filed a court complaint to defend his constitutional rights and challenge the union idea of resignation windows.

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Janus and Williams: Future is bright for government workers

Mark Janus and Keith Williams, both former government workers, believe it’s critical to protect the freedom of association of public sector workers. In this article, they explain why the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Janus v. AFSCME is already doing a world of good for workers who have long disagreed with how their labor unions are run.

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